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Featured Evacuation Chair


The GLOBEX Evacuation Chair 1 (GEC1) enables one person to evacuate a physically impaired person safely and easily down stairs in the event of an emergency or when lifts can not be used.

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GLOBEX Evacuation Chair 1


Our range of evacuation chairs covers all bases and in order to meet your legal obligations, it’s imperative that the chair you acquire adequately suits your needs. There are several variables to take into account when deciding which chair to choose:

  • Need to go up stairs?

  • In some circumstances you may need to transport physically impaired persons up a flight of stairs; whilst a standard evacuation chair will not facilitate this, a number of chairs in our range do. The telescopic carry facility of the GLOBEX Evacuation Chair 2 (GEC2) allows two people to carry one person upstairs and over obstructions. The GLOBEX Evacuation Chair 3 (GEC3) is narrower than the GEC2 and also offers carry handles for up stair transportation. Its narrow frame makes it ideal for buildings in which there are exceptionally narrow stairwells.
  • Worried about weight?

  • Whilst all of our evacuation chairs are easy to operate, we understand that in some cases you may require a more lightweight solution. The GLOBEX Evacuation Chair 4 (GEC4)’s polished aluminium build makes it significantly lighter than your standard chair whilst retaining all the qualities of the GLOBEX Evacuation Chair 1 (GEC1).

If you do not have any specific requirements, the GEC1 is the ideal evacuation chair for most environments. The chair enables one person to evacuate a physically impaired person safely and easily down stairs. The GLOBEX Evacuation Chair 5 (GEC5) is our economy model and whilst it lacks some of the premium qualities offered by the GEC1, its better suited for those on a budget and it too allows for the safe evacuation of one person down stairs in the event of an emergency. The whole range of chairs can also be used as transfer/ambulance chairs and assist with compliance.